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After a few years in the wilderness, we’re getting the band back together. Once again it’s 2 hours of amazing fun on a cold March morning in a Manchester park. It’s what the bicycle was invented for.

It’s not just bikes though, we might have some other stuff to amaze and astound you.

Be part of history. We’re making bikes great again.

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Saturday, 25th March 2017



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MTB Endurance (Competitive)




Philips Park, Whitefield, Manchester, M45 7QJ




We’re back! Check and for updates.

Back in 2006 four blokes got together and, without any idea what it would involve, decided to stage a bike race. Hit the North was born.

The original HTN was a 12 hour race on a 10 mile course and attracted 500 people. Since then it evolved into an 8 hour race then finally settled on the 2 hour / 4 mile format. The aim was to stage an event that would appeal to everyone from Nick Craig to Tony The Electrician. All you needed was a bike, a helmet and a desire to get stuck in.

Along the way we’ve met some fantastic people (and a few arseholes), many of whom have become friends. We’ve also raised over £20,000 for local causes.

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